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Blue stone pile = cover 1 / Orange with stepping stones = cover 2 / blue & orange with light bulb splash = cover 3

I’ve been reading about the importance of having a professionally designed book. Since I am working on both a non-fiction book and a novel, I decided I needed to begin working on covers for both books. I have a designer I’ve worked with in the past, so I asked her to do some possibilities for the non-fiction book. The book, The Thriving Writer –  Business Essentials for Professional Writers. It’s  full of helpful information and tips for professional writers – of non-fiction and fiction.  I wanted to portray success, but not in the traditional terms of $$ and green. Heather (the designer) says orange=success and blue=ease, relaxed approach.

Which cover do you like best? Please comment with the number of the cover you like best – Cover 1, Cover 2, or Cover 3. If you want to tell me why you like one best, that would be helpful.

Why it’s important to have a great cover: You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Whether your book is an e-book or in print (online or in a bookstore), you are competing with thousands of other books. There must be something about your book cover to GRAB readers and make them want to pick up the book (or click on the link) to see what’s inside or to buy it.

A recent New York Times article comments on the “decline” of the book cover with e-books gaining in prominence, but notes, ““It’s a way of drawing people through the visual into reading.”

Colleen Gleason, writing in Jane Friedman’s blog, describes her experience with changing her book cover to interest a different audience – and increase sales.

And I especially enjoyed reading this New Yorker article about “The Decline of the Book Cover,” with its great old Sci-Fi covers (Heinlein, Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Phillip K. Dick). The covers make me want to read these books all over again.





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